The healing I experienced was extraordinary and I’m deeply grateful. ~ C.M.

Just woke up from the best sleep I’ve had in years. Got up only once. Amazing. ~R.L.

I still cannot believe what a difference you and hypnosis have made in my life. It is almost 2 years and I am still smoke free! Unbelievable! I have never had a craving, never seriously even considered having a cigarette, and it’s as if I was never actually a smoker. ~ M.G.

Before I saw you, I tried everything, from medication to meditation, but nothing helped. Your hypnotherapy helped me to release the old programming that had interfered with my ability to think clearly. Freed from the knee-jerk response to these situations, my mind can once again reason and create at will. You have helped me to become the person that I am and always was…to discover my full potential as a human being. ~ H.K.

After my hypnosis session with you, I never golfed so well in my life! It was truly amazing! I gained 8 mph on my swing speed! Man, it was just pretty remarkable. ~ S.K.

I wanted to thank you for the session. I’m finding that I feel less anxiety at work. I appreciate all of your kind words of encouragement and ability to bring out those strengths I have inside. ~ D.F.

The day before I saw you I weighed myself at work and was 184#. Yesterday I was 176.4. Three weeks of obvious success. The great thing I think is that I don’t feel deprived nor do I feel like I’m on a diet. YEAH! I feel like this is the beginning of a life change of moderation & control over what was out of control eating. My thanks for your help. It has been very encouraging for me. ~ C.G.

Mary Elizabeth Raines, you helped me overcome fears and insecurities i had harbored for years and years. after only a couple of sessions with her my friends and teachers started to notice that i was calmer, more relaxed and, most importantly, more confident on and off stage. i finally ceased worrying about what other people might think of me and just said whatever i had to say and did whatever i thought necessary to make my acting come alive. I owe it to her that i am finally rid of those self-imposed restraints and am able to just do whatever i want to without second-guessing myself. Thank you so much, Mary Elizabeth. ~ T.S., Actor

Before coming to see you a few weeks ago I was thinking of holding up a pharmacy to get 40 weight loss patches to stick them to my behind. Just kidding! Seriously though – I really started to feel different. I went to work and was happy! Oh, one more thing. I already lost 10 lbs, wicked hey! Cool! ~ S.B.

Just wanted to let you know that [my high-school aged daughter] had her first big gymnastics meet yesterday and did beautiful.… She placed 4th all around. She was so happy – it was really fun to see her do so well. ~ J.L.

I’ve been doing really well…Thank you so much for your help. I’ve lost 4 pounds already!!  I couldn’t believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning. ~ J. Y.

I cannot express how much my life has changed. Life feels so much different and freer. I have found the courage to make decisions in my life that have been weighing on me, and that I had been avoiding…a wonderful thing. ~ J.T.

[Hypnosis for smoking cessation four months before having a cancerous lung removed]
You saved my life. I would not have recovered from the surgery if it had not been for hypnosis. ~ B.O.

You lightened my spirit and helped me down my path. You are really gifted at this! ~ S.M

Thanks so very much for facilitating a needed release— Feeling freed to be more fully me. Many many thanks! ~ C.S.

Thank you for your kindness and guidance. I will never forget it. You bring back my hope and give me the faith to continue my life. Thank you for giving me such attention and help. ~ N.F.

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