Get the results you want to change your life for the better with hypnotherapy in Sedona!

Here are some guidelines that will help you have a great hypnosis session.

Professional Hypnosis in Sedona with Mary Elizabeth Raines for people like you
  • For your hypnosis appointment, you want to avoid drinking strongly caffeinated beverages within a couple of hours before the session (if you usually drink morning coffee, that is, of course, just fine).
  • Wear very casual, comfortable clothing; your comfort is a priority. You will be invited to remove your shoes at the door; we have warm, cozy socks for those who want them.
  • Make sure to schedule your appointment at a time when you are unhurried and do not have to rush off afterwards to do something else. This kind of pressure could interfere with the relaxation that is helpful for you to enter hypnosis easily. Very often, too, clients find they want some space and time after their session for reflection.
  • Due to allergies, we ask that clients avoid wearing any cologne, essential oils, after-shave, lotion, or other scents for the session.
  • The fee is $180 ($195 for past-life regression), and cash is the requested form of payment. We do not process credit cards. It is possible, if you prefer to pay with Zelle or to use Pay Pal with advance notice only; (Please note that there is an additional $10.00 service surcharge for clients who need to use PayPal.‚Äč)
  • To keep all our clients and your hypnotist healthy, please do not keep your appointment if you have any symptoms at all of colds or flu.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel or change the appointment, please give us at least 24 hours’ advance notice (exceptions are made for sudden onset of colds or flu).
  • Look forward to changing your life for the better, and feeling good!

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